This is somewhat complete list of my projects.

Maybe you were looking for my CV

Machine Learning

Image processing pipeline git 2016-present


Email.cz - Extracting image features from emails

Crypto currency trading 2017-present


System for automatic crypto currency trading

Phishing detection 2014-present

Sklearn NLP NER Nametag


  • Listík, Vít. “Phishing Email Detection in Czech Language” (2015)
  • Šimon, Let. “Phishing Email Detection based on Entity Recognition” (2017)

Keystroke recognition 2016

Keystroke Detection


  • Petr Liška, User Authentication based on Keystroke Dynamics, 2016

Personalized Anti-spam 2016

NLP Vowpal Wabbit K-means hashing trick


  • Šimon Ondráček, Personalised Antispam filter for Email.cz, 2016

Sender Domain recognition 2015


Email.cz - keyword based sender domain recogntion

MNIST git 2017

CNN Tensorflow

Example MNIST CNN model implementation

  • Custom data loader

Neural Network Basics (math) git 2017

NN Tensorflow Numpy Python

Jupyter notebooks with explanations how neural networks work. Used for presentation.

Web projects

Datasets git 2016-present

Python Flask Docker
  • Datasets project solves problem with organizing data sets.
  • It also tries to ensure experiment consistency and repeatability by data set immutability, unique identification, usage and change logs.

Based on: Halevy, Alon, et al. “Goods: Organizing google’s datasets.” Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Management of Data. ACM, 2016.

Email.cz 2014-present

Python Flask

Internal web pages for monitoring and managing services

Surfarena 2015-present

PHP Nette Card payments

Custom made reservation system for indoor surfing

Article organizer git 2016-present

Python Flask Docker Pdf2htmlEX

Extract PDF article author and title and present them on web page

Tivvit.cz git 2016-present

Firebase Bootstrap Docker Jekyll

This site is generated via Jekyll and it also generates my CV.

DevFest RPG app git 2014

GAE (Google appengine) Endpoints Python Dart Android Git

We have developed app supporting RPG game on DevFest 2014 in Czech Republic with David Vávra.

App uses Google Appengine Endpoints, Dart for Dashboard and Android client for organizers.

Youtubemarketing 2015-2017


Company presentation

Best2live 2016

PostgreSQL Hackaton Docker Python Flask

Hackaton project based on data gathered in Prague. Map showing index of living in a area based on air cleanliness, internet speed and other metrics.

Rematabor 2014

Nette Doctrine Angular JS

Real estate agent presentation with custom made management system

PDF Book Reader git 2017-present

Pdf2HtmlEx Flask Python

PDF to website converter which makes fast reading PDFs possible.

Photoshop 2014

Node.js Gulp Polymer React

E-shop for photos from public events

Combinatorial optimization problem

MTD – Multiplayer Tower Defence 2014

CoffeeScript Socket.io CSS animations Drag & drop

Pure JS Tower Defence game.

Pink Crocodile git 2014

Management JS PHP Phalcon HTML 5 elements (video, audio) OSS
  • App supporting easier learning sign language for physically handicapped preschool children.
  • Manging team of 14 developers

Lodestarcoffee 2010-2016

PHP Nette Latte Bootstrap jQuery Doctrine Polymer
  • Coffee house presentation, Original photos, CMS
  • Custom made e-shop
  • 2 historical versions

Studiopilates 2009-2015

PHP APIs jQuery Git

Custom made FW (rewriting to Nette)

Booking system for Pilates lessons

  • Salaries
  • Cash-flow
  • User management
  • Automatical booking

3 historical versions

Usertechnologies 2014-2015

Python JS
  • Facebook data processing
  • Web scraping

Dost Dobry Design 2010;2014

PHP JS jQuery
  • Improving and maintaining sites written in PHP
  • Single page forms in jQuery

Lifestat 2012

Nette Nette DB jQuery Bootstrap Git

School project, Statistics for time spent on activities and sleep

Wordpress pages

Mathematics 2012-2014

  • Upgrade of vyuka.web-kladno.cz
  • Custom made Moodle for mathematical problems solved as homeworks
  • Automatic grading, Statistics, Sharing learning materials, Pretty mathematical syntax and automatic resolving, Virtual Classroom management, Result normalisation and verification

Bemexboot 2010-2016


Custom made CMS, multi-language, Charter ships menu is pure CSS

Event Miner 2014

Python Google Appengine jQuery

Web crawler that searches for IT related events and stores them at one place

Medprimus 2012-2013

jQuery Nette Less Bootstrap

Job search engine for medical related jobs

Anova plus 2013-2015


Gopay module, Customization, Optimizations

Skrz 2013

Chrome plugin Firefox plugin SVN

Chrome and Firefox plugins showing discounts for currently viewed page

Kobra Kladno 2005-2011

  • My first web project, Nowadays it is running on my custom CMS
  • User registration and customised profiles (small social site)

Vasodpovednyzastupce 2013

Bootstrap Single page

Company presentation

Drupal pages 2013

Server / IT administration

Seznam.cz Kubernetes (DevOps) 2017-present

Kubernetes Docker Debian DevOps

Infrastructure for all Seznam.cz services. Deploying Kubernetes to thousands of servers. Deployment pipeline and best practices.

Email.cz Hadoop, Elasticsearch, MooseFS clusters 2015-present

HDFS CDH5 DevOps Elasticsearch MooseFS Debian

Taking care of email development clusters

  • Hadoop ~10 servers in dev (Cloudera)
  • Migrating Elasticsearch cluster to version 5,6 and to dockerized environment (help with production migrations)
  • MooseFS storage cluster

Cooperation with administrators of production clusters

Juicymo VPS 2016-present

Ubuntu Ansible RoR Gitlab Letsencrypt

~10 servers

VPS 2012-2016

LAMP ELK Gitolite Debian

Server management for web projects

Linux Home Servers 2009-present

Storage RAID5 Replication Home Monitoring IOT Plex

2 servers

Dius 2012-2016

Windows workstations Google Apps Linux filserver Printers

Buying new equipment, support

20+ computers

Lodestarcoffee 2010-2015

Rkeeper (POS system) Network

Buying new equipment

~10 computers

Studopilates 2009-2015

Windows workstations Webcam

~5 computers


Aggregation pipeline 2015-present

ZMQ Aerospike

Email.cz - data aggregation pipeline based on ZMQ

Aerospike tools 2015-present

pip pytest Aerospike

Case insensitive dictionary git 2015-present

pip pytest

Dictionary insensitive to upper-case string keys

Cached Decorator git 2015-present

pip pickle decorator

Decorator for caching function output based on params


Smart Home git 2015-present

Arduino Go ELK IOT

Home monitoring toolkit. Talk about this project at Devfest 2015


Email security protocols 2014-present



  • DMARC integration (libopendmarc)
  • DKIM integration (libopendkim)
  • SPF integration (libopenspf)


iMon 2010-present

ReSharper Ni-DAQ Multithreaded Git

Bachelor thesis: Real-time measuring and processing application for respiratory system parameters

Library for image procesing 2012


Finding input boxes on scanned forms.

Other C# school projects


  • Wolf goat cabbage game (2012)
  • Brickout (2011)
  • Command-line PacMan (2010)


Email.cz Java 2014-present

Hadoop HDFS Scala Spark

Maintaining and developing Hadoop and Spark jobs. Few TBs of email traffic metadata generated and processed every day.

Surmon 2013-2015

JDBC Mercurial Netbeans Platform Server administration

Visual programming tool. I have integrated database and R modules.


Pezinsky porcelain 2014-present

Beverages and food

Lodestarcoffee 2010-2015

Beverages and food

Anova 2013-2015


Kobra Kladno 2005-2011

Martial arts competitions and events