Vít Listík

11.6.1991; Kladno 7, Josefa Bejčka 1259, 273 09, Czechia
+420 728 997 867, vit.listik@gmail.com, tivvit@seznam.cz

I'm an enthusiastic and innovative developer interested in Machine learning and Web technologies. Currently, I work on spam and phishing detection in Email team at Seznam.cz. Phishing detection was also the topic of my master thesis, which was awarded by Cisco outstanding thesis award 2015.

Nowadays I'm using image recognition methods for spam detection as part of my Ph.D. studies. In spare time I play with other machine learning tasks and interesting technologies. I am also interested in DevOps, that is why I am working on Kubernetes deployment at Seznam.cz.


Python/C++ developer Seznam.cz - Email.cz team
2014 - present
Biggest freemail provider in Czech Republic (~50M emails/day)
Anti-spam, Data Processing (Hadoop, Spark), Elasticsearch, Machine Learning, Neural Nets (Keras, Tensorflow), Kubernetes (hundreds of servers), Reliable scalable services, Linux, Teamwork
  • Image processing pipeline (Design and implementation, Convolutional NN)
  • Email statistics aggregation pipeline - DB writes optimization (ZMQ, Bloom filter)
  • Aerospike DB
  • DevOps
  • Science articles reading group (organizer, speaker)
Freelance Web developer Founder at Web-kladno.cz - ID 87582961
2008 - present
Web applications and presentations - backend (PHP), frontend (JS, HTML5, CSS3)
IT Administrator Diagnostic Institute for Youth, Prague 2
2012 - 2015
Administration of Linux server and Windows workstations, Networking, File Sharing


Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) Artificial Intelligence
2015 - present
Spam Image Recognition
  • Supervision: Prof. Ing. Vaclav Hlavac, Csc. and Ing. Jan Sedivy, Csc.
  • Convolutional NN, Tracking image detection, User reaction prediction, OCR
CTU, FEL, Software Engineering
Ended by the final state exam
2013 - 2015
Master Thesis: Detecting Phishing Emails in Czech Language for Email.cz
  • Won Cisco Outstanding Thesis Award 2015
  • Machine Learning (NLP, Bag of Words, Decision trees), Python
CTU, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBMI), Biomedical Informatics
Ended by the final state exam
2010 - 2013
Bachelor Thesis: Algorithms for Signal Processing in Respiratory Care
  • iMon - Real-time measuring of respiratory system parameters (C#, Ni-DAQ, Multithreaded)
Gymnasium Kladno Edvard Benes, general studies
Graduation: Math, IT, English and Czech
2006 - 2010


All publications (https://tivvit.cz/research)


Autonomous Crypto Currency Trading
2017 - present
Real-time, RNN, CNN, Regression, Visualization, Python
2016 - present
Organizing and searching data sets, experiment consistency and repeatability
Based on Goods: Organizing google’s datasets. Python, Flask, OSS, Docker
Web applications and presentations
2005 - present
  • Surfarena.cz - Custom made reservation system for indoor surfing, PHP
  • Lodestarcoffe.cz - Custom made eshop, CMS, Nette, Latte, Bootstrap, jQuery, Doctrine
  • Presentation websites - mostly in PHP and JS. Wordpress or custom made CMS
Devfest RPG
Support app for RPG game on Devfest 2014 in CR. REST API, Python, Google AppEngine, OSS
2D cutting stock problem
Combinatorial optimization problem solved in Dart. OSS
More projects at tivvit.cz and code at https://github.com/tivvit


Czech - Native speaker
English - Very good in writing and reading, good in speaking
German - Good in reading, beginner in writing and speaking
Machine Learning, Data Processing, Scalability, Database systems (SQL, NoSQL), DevOps, Cloud, Git, Web technologies, POSIX, OSS
Languages: Python, PHP, C++, JS
Driving license class B


Programming competitions, Docker, IOT, Distributed Storage, Languages (Rust, Golang), Bitcoin
Public speaking
GDG ČVUT [since 2013] Event organizer
GDG Garage Prague [since 2014] Main organizer
Martial Arts - Systema, Karate (1.kyu) - 3rd-grade trainer, Allkampf-Jitsu (2.kyu), Kickbox (3.kyu)
Swimming, Extreme races (Spartan race), Ping-pong
Digital Photography, Technology, Sci-Fi, TV Series, Go

You may find actual copy of my CV at tivvit.cz/cv and tivvit.cz/cv.pdf.